"If you can imagine it, you can achieve it. If you can dream it, you can become it." William Arthur Ward

Dear Client/Colleague,

Throughout the month, our coaching team receives a lot of questions around career exploration and life balance, so we have decided to introduce a new Q&A format for our monthly Career Strategists newsletters. Have a question related to career or life management that you’d like answered? Send it to sarina@careerstrategists.net.

“I have been feeling lost and deeply unsatisfied for several years and know a career change is on the horizon. Whenever I start to think of what I could do, all I can come with are options within my current industry: working for a different hospital, department, or specialty. None of these excite me. What if I really have no idea what I want to do, where do I start?” Amy, 39, healthcare professional

When we ask clients to share what their ideas about what they want we hear, "I have no idea.” If this question is also playing over and over in your mind like a skipping CD, we want you to know you are not alone and it is a normal response that everyone has in the initial stages of career exploration.

After many years of working with our clients, we recognize that what often lies behind this question is fear and overwhelm or an inability to even dream or envision “what is possible.” And it’s this mindset that leaves us feeling stuck and hinders us from even initiating our first steps towards finding a better career fit.

Amy, a Career Strategists client, asked this question when we began working together. After listening to her initial thoughts about career options I asked her to pause for a moment – to let go of the shoulds and fears – and to try to approach this as if she were playing with possibilities. After a bit more discussion, I said, “Lets start fresh: so what is it you really want?” And with much more levity, she was able to generate an incredible list of very different career ideas.

In order to really open up and see what is possible, we encourage clients to adopt a new mindset of "playful fearlessness." And remember, you’re not committing to anything—you’re just playing the “what if” game: thinking about your interests, the things you want for your life and possible career paths that excite you. You don't have to do anything else! You’re not sending out resumes, interviewing or making a single decision. All you have to commit to is being open to the process, to new ways of seeing things (read Renee’s latest life balance newsletter along this theme). And if you need permission to do this—you’ve got it!

Let me know how we can support you in taking that first step towards work that is a fit for you inside and out.


Sarina LaMarche, Career Strategists senior career coach, and The Career Strategists Team

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