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October, 2008

Dear Friend,

In the past 20 years of coaching and supporting professionals in navigating their career path, I have never seen people as stressed-out as they are right now. The environment seems very similar to post 9/11, but more intense.

One of the positive things that has come from this, is companies are seeing how key it is to provide their employees with stress management tools. This has afforded me the opportunity to speak to people and organizatons across the U.S. about my model for enhancing life balance from “the inside out.”

I also have the opportunity to talk to a lot of journalists about this theme and am frequently asked why the topic of work-life balance (or just life balance period) is so prevalent and widespread right now.

I believe it’s the convergence of the following six key factors:

• 9/11 and other acts of terrorism—how people view life/work/family time changed forever
• 68% of all families are now dual-income (this alone is stressful)
• Parenting our parents and the sandwich generation (more and more of us are caring for our parents AND our kids)
• A volatile and uncertain economic and employment climate (to say the least!)
• Information overload: we've become a 24/7 culture, it’s difficult to “unplug”
• Globalization: working at “off hours” and living farther from family support

My point in sharing this information when I deliver workshops is not to stress people out, but to encourage them to be gentle with themselves and realize that there is a lot going on. We’re truly at a unique point in history. And even if your life is smooth sailing right now, it’s almost impossible not to pick up on some of the collective fear and chaos.

So, what can we do about this on a personal level?

I think we have to identify what are our “anchors.”

What are those practices or things that help us feel grounded, calm and more centered physically and emotionally. For me, it’s always creating space for my morning reflection time, exercising every day, making time to have heart-to-hearts with mentors/friends and going into “extreme self care” mode when I feel myself swimming in overwhelm.

Recently I led a workshop for a Fortune 500 company’s employees on this topic and I recommended they “anchor” around four key strategies to help enhance their sense of peace and well being during highly stressful times.

I’d love to hear what your anchors are during these times of uncertainty.

Take good care--Renee

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